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Museum Displays and Custom Cabinets

The Factory works with several creative agencies to realise their designs. We assist with the creative process by checking the designs for strength, optimising materials and for the highest quality finishes.

When building custom cabinets for museums, careful consideration must be made because of the precious objects which may be contained in the display cabinets. Almost all materials give off gas, which can damage and deteriorate the item. Even the item itself can emit it's own gas. We use only the highest quality low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) acrylics, timbers, adhesives and laminates. This is coupled with including adequate ventillation, but also mesh to prevent insects accessing the items on display. This helps ensure the item is preserved and protected so it can be enjoyed by the museum visitors for a long time to come.

Please return soon, as we will be adding a few galleries of recent projects we have completed.

If you would like to utilise our expertise in museum displays and quality cabinet making, contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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